Three little pigs  vs. the Big Bad Wolf

Honorable Judge, Lady Linda White, presiding.


K - 2nd Grade Classroom News

K - 2nd Grade Classroom News

​Chebeague  Island  School

Spring Newsletter

It is hard to believe it’s spring time! We have had fun in recent weeks learning and playing together. We enjoy biking together as well during recess time.

Our math block continues to be a busy part of our day. First graders have been learning how to solve and create word problems. Recently, we have begun writing numbers in expanded form (expanded notation). Telling time and counting money continue to be an important part of the first grade math curriculum.

Second graders are learning how to multiply and divide! They have also learned how to add and subtract using different strategies. This month, we will begin our geometry and measurement unit. We will put our skills to work as we take turns helping Ms. Summa prepare lunch! K-2 students also apply mathematical thinking when composting!

In writing we just completed our first persuasive essays. Students chose a topic they felt passionate about. We researched using books, periodicals and the internet to gather information to support our essay topics. Some of our topics included “Sugarloaf is the best mountain in Maine”, “BMX bikes are the best bikes”, “Winter is the best season”, and “Snowy owls are the best owls.” In this writing process we learned the difference between fact and opinion. We also learned that our essay topics must be supported by facts.

Our kindergarteners, first and second graders are voracious readers! All students seem to enjoy reading independently and in groups. In reading workshop, we recently read two books about The Three Little Pigs.  We are compared two texts written by very different authors with quite different perspectives. Today, we created a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the differences between the two books. Next week, we will apply our persuasive essay writing skills as we write a piece about whether or not we believe the wolf is guilty. We will support our opinions with facts. Stay tuned as I predict an upcoming trial in the near future!

We are concluding our immigration unit and look forward to sharing our experiences when we bring our journals home. Our Ellis Island Immigration Simulation will take place later this month. We look forward to warmer and dryer weather as we continue to investigate land forms. We have learned about the powerful effect of how climate impacts erosion. We will visit different places on the island where this is evident.

We have resumed our Mystery Reader Friday tradition. Please indicate on the Daily Update or call the office if you are interested in being a Mystery Reader.

Field Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14th. (time to be determined)

Students’ Share....

“I know how to spell like and bike.”  Anthony B. “I know how to read 5 syllable words like hippopotamus.” Riley A.

“I can ride my bike at recess and do wheelies.” Nate N. “I wrote about my trip to South Carolina. It was four pages.” Savannah L.

“I can do times and really hard math.” Elisabeth R.

“In second grade, I can write better.” Gage P. “I figured out how many onions we could plant in the garden and how many rows. I used times.” Carly R.Type your paragraph here.